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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 12:41:56 -0700

Howdy Bob;

I dug a 24 inch deep hole in which i placed
three surveyor stakes within six inches of the bottom of the hole
I took a steel trashcan and punched three holes in bottom to go over the
steaks then upon the surface of the three steakes ( already adjusted
for level) I glued with goop a granite tile that was one foot square
or 12 inches by 12 inches.  I made sure the three holes in the trashcan
cleared the steaks without touching them so if the wind blew against the can
it would not move the geophone platform.

The order is important here:
1. dig hole
2. place steaks leveled for granite tile
3. punch holes in trashcan
4. place trashcan in hole over steaks
5. fill dirt around trashcan
6. clean steak heads
7. place goop on all three steakheads
8. place granite tile smooth side up level on glued heads
9. prepare your geophone to be water tight
   I did this with rubber electricians tape
   several layers of.
10. wire it up with special underground signal cable
      that has silicone grease inside a 100% copper shielding.
11. place geophone inside trashcan on top of granite tile.
12. ( cable runs through side of can wherever you want)
12.1 (put goop around the geophone where it contacts the granite tile.)
13. put socks filled with that silica kitty litter in the bottom of the can
14. put can on lid which should be above ground
15. cover entire exposed can with insulating foam ( spray can type)
16. you should be ready to go.
17. prey and forget until something goes terribly wrong.
18. moisture and human activity can be your worst enemies.

By far
The single hardest thing was driving the steaks into the hole.
Second hardest was digging the hole.
Most fun was the electronics.

I knew where the underground stuff was so blue steaking was no problem
before digging the hole.

Gut Luk Comrade;

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Subject: Shaking house

>I am a novice and building up a vertical-type seismometer, but live in a 
> wood frame house with a crawl space that shakes considerably with doors 
> closing and the washing machine going, etc.
> Is it possible to locate the seismometer outside?
> How should the seismometer be housed?
> What is the easiest way to run a long cable.  I do have massive bedrock 
> on the property about 300 ft from the house.
> I am using amplifier and digitizer from Larry Cochrane.
> Robert
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