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Subject: Winquake GoogleEarth and Time Display
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 17:45:02 -0800

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay. I have been a little busy with my "day job"...

Ted, did you resolve your problem?

Regarding Pete Rowe's question on WinQuake and Google Earth. Last year as a fun 
little project I added to WinQuake the ability to view the event and/or station 
location in Google Earth. Today I created a new WinQuake setup program that contains 
this new feature. WinQuake version 3.1.2 can be downloaded from here The documentation for WinQuake is a 
little out dated. I'll try and correct that problem soon. Here are the locations in 
the program for the Google Earth feature:

Main Menu under View / Google Earth
Event Report Dialog Box has a new button called "Google Earth"
Location Map Window - Place mouse cursor on location, right click select Google Earth

 From geoff,

 >Howdy you Winquake Experts;

 >how in heck does one get winquake to recognize
 >the exact time for the very first sample ?

 >I will put in like 20:45:37.123
 >for the start time but winquake will show at
 >the higest resolution only 20:45:38
 >if I put in 20:45:37 it will then report 20:45:37
 >but thats not the right time,
 >there seems nothing I can do get the exact right time
 >I want the first sample to represent ??


WinQuake starts to display data samples at the top of the second. If the nanosecond 
field in the event header is zero all samples will be displayed. If the nanosecond 
field is more then the period of one sample, WinQuake will skip to the next top of 
the second by skipping the first few samples in the data set.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

tchannel wrote:
> Hi Folks, For some reason I can no longer use Google with Winquake to 
> AUTOMATICALLY view my Station or Events........It worked fine before.   
> I tried opening different .psn in Winquake, different days or months, 
> and none will show in Google Earth, and they all did before.     I get 
> an error message.   "Could not open file C:\Program 
> Files\WinQuake\GoogleEarth.kml for reading"

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