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Subject: Re: Optimal damping
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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 10:13:55 -0700

Hello Robert O. Green;

yes siree bob; <== just a friendly expression

that's the kind of thing I understand they want.

But what I do not understand is how to tell what the
damping is by measuring the results.

If the damping is 1:10 or 1:100 or 1:1000
what is the associated Q or 1/Q which is called Damping ?

I can turn Q into a circuit but I do not understand
( since I have little formal education ) what the heck
1:100 means, in other words what would a Q of 1/sqr(2)
translate to in actual picture of (1:whatever).

I use an 8 bit system so I need a lot of amplification
and my resolution is only 127:1 at best.

I suffer from my average IQ but I ask no forgiveness
since I had no say in what this IQ thing really is.

Thanks for all your responses even if I do not agree
with whatever.

Best regards; <== I learned this from Britishers but I'm USA.
                            I prefer to say sincerely but people do
                            not seem to like that.


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Subject: Optimal damping

> Is the graphic at this PSN website a good representation of an optimally 
> damped seismometer?
> Robert
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