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Subject: Entire File Set from Station GVA
From: "GMV" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 04:45:37 -0700

Hello PSN folks;

here is a link to all the files I use to
record and analyze my data. The only thing missing
is Winquake which you must get only from Larry.

The recording program is useless for most all of you.
It requires a special A/D converter connected to
comm 1 it runs only under DOS with EMS enabled
in the config.sys file. Practically no one but me
wants to use DOS anymore.

But is both source and executable code as well
as one of my data files (text header + raw data)
it will convert my data to various image files as
well as a PSN text file to see in Winquake.

I found this site I am posting to will not let you
securely sign anything and post too.

geoff at Station GVA


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