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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 15:23:40 -0700

LOL I see you have trouble typing like I do.

I used to stand fathometer watches on the bridge
going in and out of various ports.
No one ever said how accurate my times had to be
but I would carry one of those led watches that glowed in the dark.
I went through so many batteries that I took three "D" cells with
a three pos toggle switch and rewired my watch to use that power source
it was bulky but lasted the about the shelf life of the three
zinc carbon D cells.
I was sitting on the bridge next to one of the very first navigational satellite
receivers. You could put on a set of headphones and hear the Doppler
of the satellite as it passed over the horizon.
That was in the 1970s, Today we are still playing with that
kind of technology. We had three chronometers that were
spring powered that still had to be wound and compared
and error data kept in the logs as to how good they all kept time.
The last thing I remember most was this crazy pilot making suicidal
runs at our ship. I can still see in my mind the engine crashing through
the bridge spilling burning gasoline over all of us and we do nothing
but stand there like statues suspended in time watching this crazy fool
whose girlfriend had just jilted him. Time had a whole new meaning
after this. It was like everyone but me was suspended in time
and unlike the other statues I was watching their reaction on the bridge instead of
that airplane with the crazy pilot.
Time vs. Human Behavior.
Now here I am once again playing with time.
Just a thought.

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From: "Thomas Dick" 
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Subject: Re: WinQuake

> OK Georff;
> I think I see where you are going with this. I had access to your email 
> before I left. I was mauling your email over in my mind the whole time I 
> was gone. Even using WWV would create an error of some milliseconds and 
> I thought you were talking nanoseconds.
> Gee, back to the good old days when my amateur radio log had to be 
> accurate to the nearest minute!
> Thanks for the mental stimulation!
>                                TomD
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