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Subject: Re: WinQuake
From: Robert McClure bobmcclure90@.........
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 20:35:42 -0400

Hi Geoff and all,

  I disagree with your comments. If you give WinQuake the correct time
of the first sample, it will start plotting on the first second after
the first sample. It will plot from the first sample if it is on an
even second. The plotted data will be correctly timed.

  The new WinQuake provides an easy way to enter or edit the starting
time to millisecond resolution. Select "Display/Modify" on the menu
bar and click on "Time information". Edit "UTC Date:", "UTC Time:" and
"Milliseconds". Then click on "OK"



~~~~~Original Message~~~~~
I believe I have answered your questions in other posts
yet I wish to add that I am using Winquake I believe not
as it was originally intended to be used So I understand the problems
here are my own doing and not whoever programmed winquake itself.

I am putting in 1 hour raw 8 bit data into a text file with the proper data
I expect Winquake to use but obviously from personal experience
I realize I did not understand Winquake actually wants data
exactly on the second mark or the mouse will not display
the correct time of the samples given.
This is obviously (now) because it was designed to
work within a system geared to the exact second and not
an arbitrary calibration mark which I give to my data
in the first three minutes of the record.
My first sample will only rarely be an exact second mark
since it can begin at any time. My program will mark a sample number
as a cal mark at the top of every minute until a recording is triggered
automatically at which time that cal sample number becomes
the reference for the entire record. The record then needs to
be cropped to the next top of the second in order for winquake
to properly read the times as I wish to see them.
I am not using Larry's system but one I built myself but Winquake
is much better than anything I could program myself so I have purchased the
right to use his program to look at my own data. It is only now I have
looked into and discovered why my times were not right within
his fault of his only lack of understanding on my own.

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