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Subject: re: BB-13 plug....
From: mongo@.........
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 17:05:14 +0000


Why would I be asking for photos if I could send a photo of what I'm look=
ing for?  All I have is a parts manual.  And...the Teledyne Geotech BB-13=
 seismometer was designed and built in the US.  It's no longer in product=
ion and no parts are available.

For everyone's benefit:  The BB-13 seismometer comes with a mass locking =
plug used to keep the mass locked during shipping and handling.  This plu=
g is aluminum, threaded, and screws into the top center of the seismomete=
r.  Once the seismometer is installed, the mass locking plug is removed a=
nd replaced with a similar plug or "cap" to seal the hole.  I'm after tha=
t replacement plug or cap.  And since it replaces the mass locking plug, =
I already know the size and thread information.  I'd just like a photo of=
 this plug or cap from another BB-13 owner/operator to make sure I build =
one like it was supposed to be built.

Thanks to all for their input.


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