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Subject: RE: Pen needed for Kinemetrics PS2
From: "Kareem Lanier" system98765@.............
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 07:58:40 -0700

Thanks for your replies..

I would love to get the cleaning fluid and wire. Where would one find such
materials? What's "OD?"

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Subject: Re: Pen needed for Kinemetrics PS2

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	IT's a kinemetrics PS2 system and I need a new pen for it. I can't
seem to get a new pen from any viable sources. The manufacturer wants to
charge an enormous amount of money. I wasn't sure if anyone knew how to make
one or point me in that direction. It just looks like a metal tube (very,
very small) that has a bend in it so that makes contact with the paper.

Hi Kareem,
    What is the matter with your existing pen? You can buy a special
cleaning fluid for capillary pens. You can also buy fine wire for cleaning
out small tubes. I usually use fine piano wire or hard Nichrome wire, ground
to a diagonal knife end. If you have a problem in getting cleaning fluid,
look for paint stripper fluid containing Methylene Chloride.
    I can buy very small bore SS tube quite easily. What is the OD of your
existing tube? 
    Chris Chapman


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