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Subject: Re: How to post helicorder online
From: Robert McClure bobmcclure90@.........
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 22:33:54 -0400

  For uploading real-time helicorder displays to your web site, see
the following web page:

How to create a real-time helicorder display for the Internet using SnagIt.
How to create a real-time helicorder display for the Internet using MWSnap

On 4/26/09, Thomas Dick  wrote:
> There are many ways to post on Internet. I occasionally post to Face
> book for my sons and certain selected outsiders to see a particular
> earthquake. I use Infraview to capture the screen, crop it a little and
> save it. I simple attach it to an email or post it directly into Face
> book. I have used Snag it. It works. You can then upload to a web site.
> That doesn't appeal to me because of the inherent delay that exists....
> maybe to you. Most internet providers provide some space for you to have
> a website with reasonable memory. There are many programs that will help
> you to create a site; most are free ...  or, it could be done with
> Microsoft Publisher if you have it. WinQuake allows almost automatic
> posting to the PSN network. I settled on a program called VNC (also
> free) because it allows me to access my computer that is running WinSDR
> and recording the data when I am away from the home location. It is a
> what you see is what you get program. You can put security (firewalls)
> up if you feel threaten by external accessing of your home repeater. I
> can do anything away from home that I would do at home as long as I have
> a good WiFi access. And speed isn't that big an issue. My laptop is only
> about 1 ghz speed. The home router runs at 24 mhz and the broad band
> connection runs over 10 ghz. Most of the time,  the  Wifi  receiving
> unit is the problem; weak signal, , angle of sun or bad weather, too
> many on it at one time, things like that. I have occasionally "stolen"
> access at some motels ... by just pulling into their parking lot.
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