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Subject: Re: How to post helicorder online
From: Thomas Dick dickthomas01@.............
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 10:13:05 -0500

Barry Lotz wrote:
> Thomas
> I use Tight VNC at home between my computer in the house and the 
> sensor computer in the garage(same network). I tried to use the same 
> server address from the garage from my work computer and could not 
> connect. How did you determine the server address for your sensor when 
> you are at a different location? Could my problem be a firewall issue?
> Regards
> Barry
I sent your question to Kevin my son who has the expertise in this area. 
He went to Purdue. The rest of my sons didn't. Here is his reply:

Firewalling is an issue.  Our network uses UltraVNC through an OpenVPN 
connection, where a client program for accessing (an open DNS registration).  The client 
program is called "FreeDNS update".  This DNS approach has become 
unreliable in recent months, as Internet service providers become more 
aggressive in restricting the residential customers setting up rogue 
websites without paying for a business account.

The good news is that the dynamic IP address of your home connection 
doesn't change very often at all.  I had the same dynamic IP address on 
the Internet for about a year.  I am implementing other DNS solutions to 
find our way back to the "home network" that will involve interacting 
with another friendly network, that I also run.  It isn't an easy 
solution, but it will work for us.

If this is too technical, I can send him more questions or connect you 
with him off of PSN. He works cheap. All I have to do is babysit. And 
that's not bad. By the way, I don't use wiFi from the earthquake 
computer to my main home computers. I put in cable. That was before Wifi 
was ever an option!

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