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Rolando, Thank you.

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Subject: Re: 6.1M Guatemala

>> Hello Rolando Benitez,  If you have time, would you tell the group about
>> your experience.
>> Thanks, Ted
> Hello Ted,
> Here is a fragment of an email I sent few hours after the quake. I am just
> reading your msg today monday, after several days out of the country.
> We have had several strong quakes in the recent weeks, sometimes a lesser
> magnitude event is felt stronger when it is closer and shallower that the
> one of sunday morning, I say this because 6 hours before the M6.1 we had a
> M4 but at 12km deep and at about  6 miles away... it rattled everything
> but for a shorter time. Here is the edited comment:
> "The story begun last midnight. I just came home from a hospital check in
> Florida at about 0300 UTC. At exactly 0600 UTC we had a very strong
> movement but short in duration. I was not in the mood to check it in the
> computer at that very time, but it called every one's attention. This
> morning while I was checking the data logger pc and calculating the P and
> S locations in the trace of the midnight event, all of the sudden I felt a
> very strong vertical movement that lasted some seconds followed by an even
> stronger rocking movement. At this time every piece of glass at home was
> rattling, some books fell down from the shelves and the alarm in the cars
> went off. This event felt like it lasted forever.
> As I was in front of the datalogger, I were able to "watch" the event in
> real time. It begun with no previous warning or precursors and had just
> one small aftershock. The P and S arrivals were very clearly felt and
> differentiated. Rayleigh and Love waves also were felt, they had a slower
> rocking movement. The event was sensible for over 5 minutes, the sensors
> kept on moving for over 20 minutes. The traces in the pc were totally
> saturated, the sensors were literally moving from stop to stop for a
> while. An interesting and scary experience to say the least.
> So far there has been reports of some damages in the area near the
> epicenter, some injured but no casualties so far.
> An active volcano (Santiaguito), near the epicenter started to erupt
> violently just at the time of the quake and it still is abnormally
> exacerbating erupting. Others Like the Pacaya volcano and Fuego volcano
> start erupting also but with lesser intensity. They all are in the
> epicenter vicinity.
> If we could predict the earthquakes, I am sure these could be a very
> interesting ones to call for a seismologists meeting, I can bet nobody
> would get boring."
> Well hope this help to spoil your curiosity on learning more about living
> in quake territory, or to mitigate your wanting to know.
> Best regards,
> Rolando
> PS
> My postings are in the PSN web page. We have had several dozens of
> aftershocks since the major one...
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