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Subject: Re: Question
From: rbenitez@........
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 12:46:25 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi Folks,   I have a question about a .psn file or .sac.   Is there anyway
> to edit an unwanted spike from a data file.   I had a .psn the other day,
> that looked very nice except for a large noise spike at the beginning.
> This noise was just someone walking around, or a door opening etc.
> It would have nice to be able to edit that out and save the change. I know
> you can filter these out to some degree, but is there a way to cut them
> out like one would do with a .wav file, using a sound file editor?
> Thanks, Ted

Hello Ted,
There is a way to edit a psn or sac file with your sound file editor.
Sometimes I have had exactly what your described: noises from someone
walking around. What I have done is open your psn or sac file with
Winquake and then save your file in psn text format, then with a text
editor like Windows wordpad, -notepad does not work- remove the text
header in the file, then you can load this file in the sound file editor,
-I have used CoolEdit Pro, which now is an Adobe product-, you can display
the tracing and zoom in down to sample level, you can modified the
amplitude of the unwanted peaks, as well as filtering, etc. After you have
edited your wave, you have to save it and open it again with the text
editor and add at the top the before removed header text, save it again.
Now you can open it with WinQuake and save it again as .psn or .sac. While
in the audio editor you can play the wave and have an idea of what the
quake would sound like if it were in a higher frequency...

I have done this with audio from quakes, radio telescopes and ULF
monitoring. Once it is a wave there is ways to work with them...

Hope this helps.


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