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Subject: Re: Earthquake Prediction
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Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 17:40:40 -0600

Geoffrey,  You may have something there!    I also an not a mathematician, 
but one educated person told me that earthquakes are like a basket of 
sleeping puppies, when one moves it trigger a series of additional 
movements.   I have found this also to note worthy.


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Subject: Earthquake Prediction

> Howdy PSN;
> I understand you guys to be talking about EQ predictions.
> From what I see it is a lot like the US Navy says about
> accidents. There is a correlation between the number
> of small accidents and large accidents ( saying they
> are really accidents and not some kind of premeditated thing)
> So you watch the number of small accidents or the frequency thereof
> and when you see the sudden increase of small ones
> then a big one is right around the corner if you do not
> do something right away to reduce the small ones.
> There seems to be a relationship between accidents
> and Earthquakes, I'm not a mathematician in Statistical
> things ( other things neither) but it seems it may be a kind of law of 
> nature
> the way both of these things are behaving.
> Does anyone concur ??
> geoff
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