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Subject: RE: Did I get 12 second period ?
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Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 08:31:12 -0700

Hi Jon,
Now you want to adjust the beam to be horizontal again. And what do you =
as the feet for your seismo. They look rubber tipped, I suggest brass or
stainless steel acorn nuts. You don't want the feet to act as a cushion.

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Subject: Did I get 12 second period ?

Hi all

I did one little change to my lehman seismometer. I did rase the front
of the seismomter up from where it was. This appears to have incresed
it's period to about 12 seconds.

Here is are pictures of what I did.

I can send psn file to anyone how wants.

J=F3n Fr=EDmann


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