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Subject: Re: waterfall plot of infrasound data files?
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 13:15:30 -0700

Hello Mr. Saum;

1. Sound is a subjective term.
   If it can not be heard by humans its not called sound.
   Vibrations if you will.
2. You are living in a sensitive area of the country.
   I would recommend from personal experience you
   ignore human artifacts and try to filter them out
   from natural data. If you somehow draw the attention of
   national security your life may wind down a very
   unpleasant path of life.
3. FFT is a great way to look at any periodic thing
   even earthquakes.
   The results depend upon frequency resolution,
   sample rates,filtering, a data base of associations.
4. be careful of alizing frequencies they are misleading.
   Higher harmonics amplify any wavering in frequency.
   be sure of your entire system before you try to
   analyze any human thing. Humans are great at fooling
   machines. 60 HZ may serve as a good reference point
   to calibrate your data.
5. take up programming in BASIC or C or Assembly
   make your own waterfall display to do anything
   you are capable of doing.
6. Don't expect anyone to help you but if they do be thankful
   in your own way.
   I have found people to be very nasty when you ask for
   knowledge of practically anything.
   To me it is like the counter intelligence people
   are dominating the internet.
   They are experts at wasting human life.
7. Look at Manwith Hill England on the internet.
   If you cross national lines here in the USA
   Such people will be watching or filtering your
   communications. Possibly DPS or FCC will be watching
   anyone crossing state boundaries.
8. Forget the study of human artifacts unless you are
   in possession of a PHD. They are the only people
   who seem able to challenge national security.
   The usa is supposedly in a state of war.
   Laws differ from peace to war.
   They are much, much more lax; during peacetime.

Such Are The sayings of (Don Juan) geoff :-)

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From: "David Saum" 
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 12:37 PM
Subject: waterfall plot of infrasound data files?

>I am using Amaseis to record infrasound data
> (sound below 20 Hz) and I would like to plot
> my data to display dopper shifts.
> My infrasound receiver is a few miles from
> the Pentagon and I seem to be in the flight
> path between the Pentagon and Quantico.
> Every day I pick up helicopter noise in the
> 10 to 20 Hz band.  There seems to be
> a nice dopper shift that I have not figured
> out how to display with seismic software.
> Here is a typical SAC data file from a
> helicopter overflight this morning:
> The fundamental shifts from ~12.5 Hz as it 
> approaches, to ~9.5 Hz as it leaves.
> Can anyone suggest software to plot this data
> to display the dopper shift?  Perhaps a stacked
> 3D spectra-time plot, or a 2D waterfall of 
> frequency vs time?  Of course I can generate
> any of the Amaseis file formats or any of the
> WinQuake formats as program inputs.
> Thanks
> Dave
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