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Subject: RE: waterfall plot of infrasound data files?
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Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 17:06:03 -0400

I've used a program called Goldwave for several years. It gives you (among
many other functions) an audio playback of your signal along with a
concurrent color spectrogram of the recording. It allows selective filtering
and variable playback speeds. For trial or purchase, go to
You may have to spend some time getting your sound files into a format
compatible with Goldwave but it does support numerous formats.

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Subject: waterfall plot of infrasound data files?

I am using Amaseis to record infrasound data
(sound below 20 Hz) and I would like to plot
my data to display dopper shifts.

My infrasound receiver is a few miles from
the Pentagon and I seem to be in the flight
path between the Pentagon and Quantico.
Every day I pick up helicopter noise in the
10 to 20 Hz band.  There seems to be
a nice dopper shift that I have not figured
out how to display with seismic software.

Here is a typical SAC data file from a
helicopter overflight this morning: 
The fundamental shifts from ~12.5 Hz as it 
approaches, to ~9.5 Hz as it leaves.

Can anyone suggest software to plot this data
to display the dopper shift?  Perhaps a stacked
3D spectra-time plot, or a 2D waterfall of 
frequency vs time?  Of course I can generate
any of the Amaseis file formats or any of the
WinQuake formats as program inputs.




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