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Subject: Re: Another unreported earthquake
From: "tchannel" tchannel@............
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 22:08:29 -0600

Hi Thomas Dick and all,    I think you are right.   I processed it using 
Baffin Bay and the P lined up perfectly.
If this is the case, I was wrong to think it was closer, like here in Idaho. 
The signal looked too large for a 6.1 4100km away.
I am very surprised.
Thanks for you help.

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From: "Thomas Dick" 
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 9:44 PM
Subject: Re: Another unreported earthquake

> tchannel wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>>  At about 19:19:00 utc we recorded a large signal,  As of yet, this has 
>> not been reported by the USGS site. Here is what I know,  All three of my 
>> sensors recorded it, big time.....
>>  I have a new sensor in test which should respond to a North or South 
>> event.  This machine showed a big signature, so perhaps it came from N, 
>> or S.
>>  Earthquake which happen in Idaho are sometimes not reported by the USGS 
>> for one to three days after the earthquake.   This may be the reason it 
>> has not been published yet.
>>  Other states like Nevada or Utah have no such delays.
>>  I would welcome your opinion.   If anyone recorded it.   My guess is a 3 
>> or 4m, in Idaho or close to.  I can not see a clear "S"  so I can't 
>> determined the degrees.     I see several helicorder in Idaho and Montana 
>> got it, but no identification yet.   The 6.1 in Baffin Bay was too far 
>> away for this signal.
>>  Thanks Ted
> wouldn't that be the time of arrival for P wave for the Baffin Bay quake?
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