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Subject: USGS ftp Sites
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 18:20:50 -0700

Hi Everyone,

It looks like the USGS FTP site ( ) is 
still not working. The procedure below can be used to import an event report into 
WinQuake. You will need to use this until the FTP site is working again or when I 
have time to work on WinQuake.

1. Make sure WinQuake is not running.

2. Download this file and unzip 
the file into your WinQuake root directory.

3. Open a DOS Box. Start / Run... menu items then type cmd at the prompt.

4. At the command prompt move to the WinQuake directory using the "cd" command. 
Example: "cd \winquake" without the quotes.

5. At the command prompt type "usgsrpt.bat". This should create a file called 
usgs.rpt. The report is from this URL

6. Start Winquake and open the Event Report dialog box.

7. Select "NEIC - Web" in the Type: list box. If you do not see this in the list go 
back to step 1.

8. Now press the "Load Report File" button and select the newly create usgs.rpt file.

9. When you Close the Report Open dialog box you should see events in the list that 
can be used to update your event files.

New subject.

Has anyone tried either WinSDR or WinQuake on Windows 7?

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

Gary Lindgren wrote:
> Hello Larry,
> That USGS ftp site is still down, are you aware of any other sites with
> earthquake data for all the world and that have format for Winquake. One
> other question, are your programs OK with Windows 7?
> Thank you
> Gary Lindgren

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