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Subject: Re: Running multiple versions of Amaseis?
From: Robert McClure bobmcclure90@.........
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2009 23:46:30 -0400

Hi Ed,

 The short answer to your question is no. You cannot use Amaseis to
record more than one channel unless you use separate ADC's on separate
ports, one for each channel.

  I have written a program for Dataq DI-xxx devices which records each
channel's output in Amaseis format to separate folders labeled
AmaseisA, AmaseisB, AmaseisC, etc. Copies of Amaseis can be placed in
these folders and used to display the data in drum plot format.
However, the current hour's data cannot be displayed, nor can any
real-time filtering be used.

  In light of the above difficulties, I have not chosen to make this
program available to others. If you are using the Dataq DI-194, I
recommend using the recording and display programs available at

  Also, I urge you to replace your DI-194 with the DI-158U. Ten-bit
resolution is inadequate for any useful dynamic range. I find twelve
bits to be adequate, barely.

PSN Station REM,
Locust Valley, NY

>   Is it there any way to run multiple versions of Amaseis  (with 3
> sensor inputs) on one computer simultaneously (using Windows XP,
> DI194-4 input, ADC ). I have looked thru the archives but I was unable
> to find anything specific pertaining to it or how to go about it, if
> it's possible. Thank you very much.  Sincerely Ed.

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