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Subject: Re: WinSDR question
From: rbenitez@........
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 13:06:39 -0500 (CDT)

Hello Brett,
In regard the data drop, I had this very same problem some time ago. At
first it dropped a few seconds of data every hour, then it get worse and
dropped as much as 3 minutes of data. I run concurrently in the same
machine other programs, all of them take data from external sensors, (Wx,
lightning, audio stream, APRS, etc.), I turned off one of each programs at
a time in order to isolate the problem and the bad guy was the weather
station program that took all cpu resources when updating its database, in
that very moment  the seismic data was dropped. I did not have a
conclusive explanation of the cause, but was related to the
writing/reading process of the virtual memory file in the hard disk. I
solved the problem installing an USB memory stick and declared it as the
residence of the paging virtual memory,(win XP), and also installed the
logging SDR files in that volume. After this I totally solved the problem.
My xp box is running all the programs and I doesn´t loose any data. It is
a 3Ghz single core pentium, 2MB ram. It worked for me, hope it helps.
You can monitor the disk, mem and cpu activity with the task manager or
other similar program and check at the dropping time, chances are that one
of any of them are at 100% and this may cause the data loss.

> If you look on your Current Seismicity page, you will see that the
> currently-writing line (which is now starting at 40 min after the hour)
> has
> no dropouts, but that same data will show a gap after my screen has been
> redrawn to start a new line.


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