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Subject: Re: Real time traces
From: Karl Cunningham karlc@..........
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 21:11:57 -0700

Hi Brett,

Please excuse the tardiness of this reply.

Congratulations on your progress and good looking data.

I can see from the photo on the web page roughly what the instrument is 
and how it's constructed. Other than the links already mentioned in this 
thread, have you published a description of the design and/or schematics 
of the electronics?

Sorry if this has been covered here before. I've been away from 
monitoring the PSN list for some time, and a brief review of the 
archives didn't turn up a description.

Curious minds want to know...


Karl Cunningham

Brett Nordgren wrote:
> Hello All,
> We just put up a Web page which displays some near real time outputs 
> from two of our experimental vertical feedback seismographs.  There are 
> displays showing three different combinations of sensitivity and 
> low-pass filtering, which highlight different types of ground motion.
> Currently these are updated every 30 minutes, though in the future we 
> may be able to reduce the update interval. As these are experimental 
> instruments, it may happen that they will occasionally be off line as we 
> make improvements.
> We sometime see short data dropouts, possibly related to the convoluted 
> data path we use to distribute the gif's.  Data starts in Dave Nelson's 
> seismo vault in California, arrives via the Internet at my WinSDR client 
> in New Jersey where the gif files get generated.  They then are uploaded 
> to my Web site, hosted in Pittsburgh... and so on.  I am still working 
> to figure out the cause of the data drops.  Suggestions welcomed.


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