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Subject: Re: Jon, How about That 6.1 Shaker
From: Steinar Midtskogen steinar@.............
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 06:40:42 +0200

Jón Frímann  writes:

> Hi,
> The geophones at Hvammstangi, along with my lehman sensor test sensor
> did pick it up. It was also seen on my Hekla geophone, clearly. Due to
> wind noise, it was not seen as clearly on my Hvammstangi station.
> The best surfice wave signal was recorded on the lehman sensor. But I
> did also record surfice waves on my geophones.
> I have send the traces to the psn website.
> Here is my webpage with my helicorders,
> Hvammstangi was at the distance of ~1100 km, while Hekla was at the
> distance of ~1200 km.

My sensors (SEP + 3 channel 4.5 Hz geophone) were 1400 km away.  Not a
huge event.  The seismometer recorded this: (N-S 0.1 Hz lowpass)

The geophone recorded a 2 second spike in all three directions at the
arrival of the P wave, but this was nearly one minute after the
calculated arrival time, so it might have been local noise.
Otherwise, the quake only becomes clear on the geophone by some
filtering, e.g. lowpass at 1 Hz.


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