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Subject: Re: Drop Outs
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 18:02:59 -0700

Hi Dick,

Adding more RAM memory may help. It fixed Brett Nordgren's problem he report the 
other day.

Larry Cochrane

Richard Webb wrote:
> Hi,
> Need some advice.  I am using larry's ATD board ver 1.4 with the latest 
> version of WINSDR  on a gateway P5-2000 (1997 vintage) with Win 2000, 
> 256 memory and a 160 GB HD.  I have also observed the following with a 
> Dell Latitude laptop running XP with significantly more memory and 
> processor speed.
> The trace moves along the screen displaying properly for a few minutes, 
> all of the lines disappear and then reappear, except that the recent 
> portion of the trace is a straight green line.  The trace continues to 
> display properly.  The result is a series of green lines and traces.  
> The length of the green line, which is dead straight, can vary from a 
> minute or two to tens of minutes.  It happens on all channels 
> simultaneously.
> I have removed all other programs, stopped all updating programs and 
> even tried to use a thumb drive for storage.  No effect except that the 
> thumb seemed to have more green lines.
> Help,
> Dick

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