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Subject: Re: Drop Outs
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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 18:38:51 -0700

Although I do not know the details of
exactly what you are doing I will
say that I use only DOS systems to
record since windows is a time share
kind of thing that never fully relenquishes
control to the owner of the machine.

If somehow you can give real time priority
to your record program then there
should be no interruptions of any kind
excepting power losses or equipment failure
or human tampering.

Dos is the only thing I know
that gives you maximum control of
your own machine.

Unless you do your own assembly
( very difficult to master 
since you need all your hardware register maps
and the manufacturers are not cooperating
to give technical information)


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From: "Richard Webb" 
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 11:18 AM
Subject: Drop Outs 

Need some advice.  I am using larry's ATD board ver 1.4 with the latest 
version of WINSDR  on a gateway P5-2000 (1997 vintage) with Win 2000, 
256 memory and a 160 GB HD.  I have also observed the following with a 
Dell Latitude laptop running XP with significantly more memory and 
processor speed.

The trace moves along the screen displaying properly for a few minutes, 
all of the lines disappear and then reappear, except that the recent 
portion of the trace is a straight green line.  The trace continues to 
display properly.  The result is a series of green lines and traces.  
The length of the green line, which is dead straight, can vary from a 
minute or two to tens of minutes.  It happens on all channels 

I have removed all other programs, stopped all updating programs and 
even tried to use a thumb drive for storage.  No effect except that the 
thumb seemed to have more green lines.


Richard Webb
Raleigh, NC

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