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Subject: Re: Dropouts with Vista
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2009 17:07:18 -0700

Jolly Good Show, old man;

Most probably, THIS, is not in the right order.

It has taken me years through all the variations of windows
to learn these ideas.
If you wish the recorder to have limited competition
for processing time.

If you open up the TASK MANAGER you will see
all kinds of running processes in the background.
control alt del when in the desktop
The trick is to identify ({[all]}) unnecessary tasks
then go into the administrative tools SERVICES area and
disable ({[all]}) unnecessary services.
But that's not easy to know unless someone
else has already done so.

Then you go into RUN: MSCONFIG and disable all startup
items and the services area disable all but the
Microsoft services.

Then you restart your machine without the
unnecessary stuff running in the background.

It will take you a week of 8 hr days to do this if
you are lucky and can properly ID
everything running.

Then you should keep a record or a restore point
so you can restore things as they originally were.

Make a restore point before playing with any of this
because with the memory of a human being it is
practically impossible for a normal IQ person
to remember all this.

You can also locate and start using the recording program
as a process from the task manager and if WINDOWS
WILL ALLOW IT set both the priority and the affinity
but you must do that every time you start the process
because I know no way to make those settings be the default.

You need administrative privileges to do any of this
so have a user account with administrative privileges
as well as the security settings correct for NTFS
partitions if that's what you are using.

The security stuff is a nightmare in NTFS so I just
But do not do this if any strangers are using your system.

""Make a restore point before doing any of this.""

Why did I say that twice,

hea hea hea hea hea... because I LIKE restore points.

If you are successful, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD
ON YOUR BLOG in the greatest of detail.
You will make friends of most good peoples
who need this info.

Gud Luk Comrade ( even if you don't think your a comrade )
geoff :-)

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From: "Brett Nordgren" 
Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:03 AM
Subject: Dropouts with Vista

Hi All,

Particularly for Vista/WinSDR users.

I recently moved my operational WinSDR to my wife's Vista computer, which 
has 3Gig of RAM and a fast processor, and never, or hardly ever, has any 
other applications running.

The data I was collecting over the Internet at 200SPS continued to show 
dropouts even though nothing else was running.

This morning I discovered by going into Vista's Task Scheduler that 
something called "Gadget Manager" ran for a minute or so maybe once an 
hour, and it was running at exactly the same times as I was seeing the 
dropouts.  I set it to not run and so far I haven't had any more 
dropouts.  But time will tell whether that was really the problem.

It is possible that the Gadget Manager was a leftover from the "Google 
Desktop" which had been on that machine and which I had previously disabled 
(I thought).  Or it might have been from an entirely different source.

I'm hoping that this might help someone who is seeing the same problem.


Watch our wiggles   (maybe with no more dropouts)

or watch some very very good wiggles


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