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Subject: General Interest to those in PSN for also using General News Groups
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 12:41:10 -0700

I found this free GUI Yenc encoder decoder program.

If this download does not work search the file name.

It is a non-fancy Yenc encoder decoder only that you can use with your
regular outlook express or whatever.

Win 32 application.

I am using it on Win Vista 64 as other 32 bit stuff
without problems.

You need to save the text attachment then use
this program to decode the YENC stuff.

I could recommend other programs but I feel
unless you are unfamiliar with these news groups
it is unnecessary to do so.

Yenc is simply supposedly a more efficient way
than like BINHEX or UUENCODE to make 7 bit text files
out of 8 bit any kind of files.
If you notice when you attach anything in outlook express
or Windows mail
it expands the size by like X1.4 or 40% in size.
Supposedly Yenc expands 30% less so like
X1.4 becomes X1.28 ??

28% instead of 40%

The news people use only 7 bit text because
most executable code is all 8 bit for computers
this way all communications are harmless from a
programming standpoint while it moves in the middle.
The eggheads at the universities invented this idea.

today you can archive (ZIP; RAR) before sending so why cant
news groups handle true binary files ??
Binary groups should by rights be actually NEWS FTP sites.
OS will run only certain kinds of extensions
so why not simply change the extension to something harmless
for transport of files.

Why the heck are news groups so filled with nasty
responders its like some organization is fighting the free
exchange of knowledge and understanding. These nasty humans
are not individuals but a conscious effort on the part of
a government to prevent free exchange of information.
We need a rights police to prevent censoring of knowledge.

or so I understand/believe.

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