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Subject: WMV movie of a sensor idea
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 19:36:09 -0700

Hello PSN;

I was wondering if this idea
might be able to both lower the
length of an extension spring
While lowering the frequency.

Below are both ZIP files
containing a short WMV video
file showing a weighted light
bulb shell suspended by a
slinky spring into a container of water.

The idea is to make the light bulb
or other container slightly
negative buoyant with some of
of the weight on the spring
to be taken up by that buoyancy.
Possibly salt water solution
inside the light bulb and
pure water it all is floating in.

It is only an idea and not a working model.

If you note the bulb is not 100%
submerged and that would be a

The fluid medium (whatever it be) would also serve as a damping agent.

Comments ?

1. Self Extracting ZIP;

2. Simple ZIP file (you need an [e pluribus unum] program to unzip this)

for efficiency purposes you are asked to
Please select only one of the two files for download.

They contain the A.wmv file viewable in Windows media player.
As well as associated PAR2 files if you want to
check for errors.


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