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Subject: Re: Book Review, Please
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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:40:46 -0700

Richter is like the Plymouth Rock of Seismology.

I would recommend seeing if you can obtain a copy through
the inter library loan like from the Library of congress.

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Subject: Book Review, Please

> Gentlemen:
> I would like your advice, Please.  In the past, I have bought books on EQ's
> and Seismology which ended up full of technical terms and formulas --WAY
> over my head.  I am "thinking" about C. F. Richter's 1958 book Elementary
> Seismology.
> It has changed prices from $60 to $65 (used) within the last week.  I do not
> want to spend that kind of money if it was another book like the others.  I
> don't want book written for a grade school child, but I do not have the
> education for the technical books, I am sorry to say.
> Anyone familiar with Richter's book or its contents?  It seems to be out of
> print and found only in used condition.
> Thanks,
> Jerry


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