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Subject: Re: Book Review, Please
From: "Robert Burnham" rburnham@..........
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 18:26:26 -0400 (EDT)

Charlie Richter's book, although 50 years old, is wonderfully _readable_
and highly recommended on that ground alone.  You might find a copy
kicking around the stacks of a big city public library, but you'll
probably do better at the library of a university with a good geosci

When you see the library copy, notice how it has been rebound, perhaps
several times.  (This is an completely safe prediction.)  The reason is
wear and tear; two or more generations of seimo students have gotten
grounded in the subject with that book.

Richter, by the way, was quite a character -- see the biography reviewed

All this is to say nothing whatever against Bruce Bolt, whose books give
you a modern-day grounding, at least at the "interested layman" level. Get
'em and read 'em.

But don't pass up Richter.


Robert Burnham



I would like your advice, Please.  In the past, I have bought books on
EQ's and Seismology which ended up full of technical terms and formulas
--WAY over my head.  I am "thinking" about C. F. Richter's 1958 book
Elementary Seismology.

It has changed prices from $60 to $65 (used) within the last week.  I do
not want to spend that kind of money if it was another book like the
others.  I don't want book written for a grade school child, but I do not
have the education for the technical books, I am sorry to say.

Anyone familiar with Richter's book or its contents?  It seems to be out
of print and found only in used condition.



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