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Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 09:05:45 -0700

There used to be a comprehensive list if international amateur stations
run by an employee (geophysicist ?) named Bruce Presgrave out of USGS.
I am not sure of his position since such tasks may be assigned
to graduate students or the like.
Whatever he is I'm far below that within any kind of science.
I sort find his very name disturbing since it resembles
a military word (pres=presidential grave=grave) sort of like
meaning past USA presidents ( like no real presidents exist today ).
But in any case, he governs the master list ( I think ).
I have relatives in the movie industry that use Pseudonyms.
I do not trust anyone's real name but my own unless I have access
to proper investigative tools.

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> Who Is That Masked Man?  I am trying to compile a personal database of 
> people/stations posting their events.  I have identified most recent 
> stations, except for a few.  Larry's PSN Database is rather dated and not 
> everyone is listed there. If anyone could help identify the following, I'd 
> appreciate it:
> CNI    Nile Canyon, CA
> HZ      Dallas, TX
> TD       Evansville, TN
> I realize that my database will not be a complete database, but will help me 
> learn who is posting and where they are.
> Thanks,
> Jerry 

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