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Subject: Re: Warning: Computer trojan horse on JCLAHR.COM
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2009 12:56:39 -0700

Was this so called malware riding on a downloaded file
or just how did it get into your machine ?

I have never received bad files to my knowledge
without having a virus be a part of
executable code in something intentionally

Then it gets saved to the recovery files
automatically forcing you to reset the
recovery points to get rid of the bad messages ?

I would recommend possibly immunizing your
machine with spybot which loads a mess
of bad sites into your normal browser
blocking security thingy.

Then you donate maybe $5 to them for
being such nice folks.

Sure beats all the moola they want every
year for whatever scanners.

But many times I wonder seriously if the
anti virus peoples are hiring or encouraging
other third parties to make viruses in some
kind of collusional scheme to keep alive
the scanner thingy I always thought was
so ridiculous in the first place.

If windows would remove all those hidden servers
that run in the background as well as any interpreter
programs there would be no worries unless you run the bad
code yourself.

SERVERS and Interpreters are the only kind of bad
things I know a system may have that will
allow others to control or destroy your machine.
(Like Blasting the bios or wiping or corrupting)
As for spyware the USA does not allow the private
citizen the pleasure of keeping secrets, only that
stupid thing called privacy which essentially
protects you from nothing at all.
Privacy means anyone can watch what they want
and must turn their heads unless something is illegal.

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From: "meredith lamb" 
Sent: Saturday, October 17, 2009 10:14 AM
Subject: Warning: Computer trojan horse on JCLAHR.COM

> Hi all,
> My Norton/Symantec 360 program detects 15 instances of the computer trojan
> "Downloader" virus on
> the recently used link of JCLAHR.COM.
> My anti-virus program wouldn't even let me view the 15 page link/s....their
> maybe more....
> If you've been there recently you're quite possibly, computer infected (?).
> "Downloader":  This trojan horse is a program that downloads another
> malicious program from a remote
> internet site and executes it on the local system.
> Systems affected:  Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows
> NT, Windows XP
> For whatever its worth, I've used Norton/Symantec 360 for over a year and my
> recommendation is very high.
> One can do things with this program; the "others" don't even begin to do.
> Meredith Lamb

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