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Subject: RE: Quake data spreadsheet
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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 20:16:37 -0700

This sounds like something I would like to try, do you mind sharing the
excel macro?
Steve Hammond  PSN Aptos, CA

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Hi Barry,

I just maintain my spreadsheet database by hand.  When I record a new 
event, I file away the event data and add a corresponding entry to the 
spreadsheet.  I use the spreadsheet as a sort of index into my archive 
of event data files.

What I did was to write a spreadsheet macro that allows me to select an 
event file name in the sheet and call up Winquake to display that file. 
  Just click it and view it, right from the spreadsheet.  I can also 
pass the file to a home brew program that replays the event on the 
monitor, and a couple of other things.

If you are looking for a way to import the event header data directly 
from Winquake into a spreadsheet, I don't think there is a simple way to 
do that.  I suppose you could write a program that would scan a 
directory full of event files and extract selected header data into a 
set of comma separated fields in a data file that an Excel spreadsheet 
could then import.  Would be in interesting exercise, but not entirely 
trivial to do it right.


Barry Lotz wrote:
> Larry
> I like the idea. I have been using a spiral binder and pencil for 17 
> yrs. :). I have used Excel for other things but -- sometimes it's hard 
> to see the obvious. I would like to include the event info and distance 
> to my station and also the signal size I record (P-P). That way I can 
> plot count vs magnitude vs distance with the computer rather than by 
> hand. Is there a convenient way to import the  winquake data? I can 
> always do it by hand.
> Regards
> Barry

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