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Subject: Re: Instrument quality - microseisms
From: Stephen & Kathy skmort@............
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 12:33:38 -0700


FYI, the following Navy weather site gives a little=

more info on ocean waves, including period, for those who may want to
try and see a correlation with seismo waveform???

It is a little more involved than the link I sent the other day, getting to the info, but if you play with it for a while you will figure it out.=A0 For example, once you click on an icon, it will take you to a short list of choices; =A0 Here, if you click on a single "time"= button, rather than an "all" button, you will get a list to the left side of the chart for a lot more info for different types of waves and periods; along with other weather choices.

Here is a link to a story where they intend to use seismograms to try and find unrecorded historical hurricanes.
=A0 Enjoy,=A0 Stephen
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