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Subject: Re: Earthquake Lists
From: Dave Nelson dave.nelson@...............
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 13:49:41 +1100

Hi Kay,
             Do you realise we already have a common PSN quake list ??
  Larry Cochrane has been running one since the early days and already has many
 1000's of events listed  recent and in archives from the PSN members

people are able to download a gif image of some ones event for a quick look or download the data to load into their winquake to do their own filtering etc in that event file.

Dave N

At 04:17 PM 10/24/2009 -0700, you wrote:
To my earthquake friends...
I wonder if anybody is interested in creating a common PSN earthquake list.  There is a wonderful tool offered by Google that could be used called "Google Docs".  It allows a group of people access to documents of common interest. 
I've set up an example account which you can take a peek at if you want. 
ACCOUNT:    kay@.............
PASSWORD:    seismograph
Note that only one person can enter this account at a time so be patient.
Now, there is not much value to a group document that only one person can access at a time.  HOWEVER, if anybody has a google account, the document can be SHARED with that account.
What is most amazing is that you can have any number of people editing the document at the same time, AND, you can actually see others adding information in real time by watching their keystrokes.  I'm not sure who designed this product but it is quite amazing.
So, we could have a master earthquake list under a PSN account.  Then the PSN master can "invite" anybody on the PSN network to share the list.  That person, then, would set up their own Google account and the spreadsheet would show up in their Google docs list.
In this way, we can share valuable information easily.
The example spreadsheet that I loaded into Google Docs is not set in stone.  It is just an example of what might be.  The entries in the spreadsheet are:
LAT (deg)
LON (deg)
DEPTH (km)
USGS Magnitude (Mw)
Earthquake Location
My Station Name
Distance to earthquake (deg)

The last five entries are specific to your station only.  The rest are specific to the earthquake and common to all stations.
You can do all the usually spreadsheet things like sort, etc.  You can also export the data into an Excel spreadsheet local to your computer for graphing, etc.
You can sign up for a Google account at
It would be nice to set up a dialog to see how many folks might be interested.
Kay Wyatt

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