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Subject: Re: Stormy Seas
From: Stephen & Kathy skmort@............
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 2009 11:18:02 -0800


Check out the wave action around the UK...=A0 =
Watch for wrap around problems: cgi-bin/wxmap_single.cgi?area=3Dww3_atlantic&dtg=3D2009110712&pro= d=3Dsgwvht&tau=3D000&set=3DSeaState
Source link in case you have problems:

Here in N Calif we're also getting storm related seismic activity from along the US northwest coast.

=A0 Stephen
=A0 PSN Station #55
=A0 38.828N=A0 120.979W
=A0 near Pilot Hill Ca USA

ian wrote:
it seems to be getting stormy in the seas around the UK.=A0 In the last few hours my seismometer has started jumping up and down, as it were.=A0 Looking at the BGS graph, ,=A0 it's around a 12 second period and a longer period of around 10 minutes.=A0 Mine shows both of these components too.


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