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Subject: Re: WinQuake Times
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Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 16:52:14 -0700

If the MEMS were 1000 times more sensitive
then that means 2G+/- becomes 0.002G+/-
And I bet that HP being an American company that
does not like competition between companies
( only competition between workers)
will charge X1000 whatever the old ones were :-)
This means only 1/1000 the amateurs will
be able to afford them.

The thing that looks best here is the opportunity
for a very cheap sensor that may be worthwhile in
receiving seismic signals.

I bet this is the thing that may go to MARS.

Maybe NASA helped HP make the thing with its
government supercomputers and physics peoples ???

Will the government get a piece of the action ?

It would be interesting to see more of the R&D
that went into the new device.

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Subject: RE: WinQuake Times

Hello everyone,

I thought you might like this link:

Kind regards,

Felipe Luevanos

Fontana, CA

> Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 14:03:21 -0500
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> Subject: Re: WinQuake Times
> Geoff,
> Your torsion seismo is just the sort of thing that is getting quite a bit
> of interest in the seimo community right now--lots of papers, etc. on
> rotational seismology. I don't much understand most of them, but at the
> moment there seem to be a number of folks studying it. Only problem I can
> think of is that the rotational motions may be much smaller than the usual
> Up-Down, N-S & E-W linear motions except maybe for local quakes, but it
> sounds like it might be an interesting thing to look at.
> Best regards,
> Brett
> At 09:22 AM 11/10/2009 -0700, you wrote:
> >Your Setup is the very kind I like to see.
> >
> >I once made a torsion seismometer using
> >a spring made out of an aluminum antenna
> >rod split down the middle and fastened
> >at both ends in clamps like the scientists use.
> >Then it had a long lever arm of wood with a
> >magnet on the end. It was a hopeful dream
> >that never realized itself due to annoying
> >torments in my life. The period must have
> >been longer than a second. I have faith (chuckle)
> >in torsional kind of seismic devices.
> >If you made two and put them back to back
> >you may possibly cancel out tilt and only
> >look at vertical motions. But not exactly sure.
> >Thanks for the input Mr. Sparks,
> Best Regards,
> geoff
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