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Subject: FYI for you electronic types building your own stuff
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:15:48 -0700

Hello PSN, For those of you interested in building
your own State of the ART kind of seismometer.
Here is some new info on the latest MEMS thingy.
I know AVNET they are kind of expensive
they seem to like to deal with small buisness peoples
more than anyone else.

Description of your request:
I am interested in your new MEMS device for seismic
detection as related to Earthquakes both distant
(Teleseismic) and near (local or regional)
Can you tell me where in Arizona or on
the internet your new Sensitive MEMS accelerometer device
SF3000L can be purchased ?
Do you have other sensors that may be like this yet
only in one axis (Z Axis is of greatest interest to myself) ?

Dear Mr. Voeth:
Thank you for your interest in Colibrys and its seismic accelerometers.  We sell all our accelerometers in North America through the 
distributor, Avnet.  Click here to go to Avnet's web-pages which alphabetically list all our accelerometer products and you can get 
the pricing, purchase and delivery information you require.  For specific inquiries of Avnet, please contact Mr. David Moore at his 
email, David.Moore@..........

We do have single-axis products, SF1500 and SF2005 which can also be used for the applications you describe.  Data sheets for these 
products can be found on our website, www,  Let me know if you have any additional technical questions.

Best regards,


James A. Aberson, Ph. D.
VP Sales, North America
Colibrys, Inc.
8343 Roswell Rd, Suite 393
Atlanta, GA 30350
+678-585-9323 (P)
+678-585-9324 (F)
+919-946-0355 (M)
jim.aberson@............ (Email) (Website)


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