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Subject: Re: Finders Keepers ?
From: Mauro Mariotti mariotti@.........
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 08:23:17 +0100

Hi Jerry,

Geospace in Huston sells exploration geophones

you can also find something in China from Senshe

Sercel (also in texas) sells geophones.

In holland there is the I/O company that manufacture geophones.
I think they can sell you some samples.

costs for samples are usually around 100-200 $ per item 4.5Hz
and 200-400 $ for 2Hz sensors.

MEMS accelerometer still tobe not sensitive enough for weak motions.


At 15:21 12/11/2009, you wrote:
>Occasionally, I read about someone finding "this" or finding "that" 
>pertaining to our hobby.  I have always wondered WHERE they are 
>finding these prizes.  Excluding the R.T.Clark website and EBay, of 
>course, I don't know where you people are finding these sensors and such.
>Of course, living in the quite of North Central Texas, I do not want 
>a Strong Motion Accelerometer.  Are these finds from personal 
>contacts, websites, or where?


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