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Subject: Re: Remote monitoring
From: Thomas Dick dickthomas01@.............
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 09:11:08 -0600

Barry Lotz wrote:
> Hi All
> A colleague at work informed me of another means to remotely 
> controlling or monitor your computer (seismic program)  from  
> elsewhere:  . It works well and requires minimal 
> knowledge of internet/networking parameters, and it's free. I was able 
> to level or reposition my sensor from work.
> Barry
I, too, have used VNC for a long time. It works very well within my 
small network of five desktops and three laptops; some attached via 
cable and others WiFi.  For a long time, I had no problems accessing my 
earthquake computer with a laptop when visiting my children or even at 
hotels and campgrounds. However, Insight has begun to change IP 
addresses to curb personal web sites. This is a hindrance. A good 
programmer can work around this my son tells me. I don't have the 
expertize myself, however, one of my laptops still works thanks to tech 
service. I talked to Insight about remote accessing my earthquake 
computer. The tech said it was OK for what I was doing.

Also, I came acrossed one problem that might might interest some. I 
guess the present earthquake computer has been on for over two years. 
Recently I lost color presentation on the monitors that weren't 
immediately attached to the desktop computer that runs WinSDR. My son 
suggested that I shut down VNC and restart the earthquake computer. This 
solved the problem. Interesting, too, I have one laptop that has the 
newest version of VNC on it and it displayed the correct coloration the 
whole time.

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