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From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 22:22:26 -0700

Hello PSN;

Note about GVA Winquake event files:
Last WINQUAKE files I uploaded to the server
had errors in the headers. I have since tried
to correct this and hope they are now foerever
gone. You will see unwanted characters in the TEXT
since i have had a very hard time aligning everything
to be correct within Winquake.

Note about GVA TIMES read from Within Winquake:
I am using a new scheme to correct my data
times. I generate a false leadin to the data
to compensate for the fractional time values.
This has been the ONLY way I can look at the
very first sample and get within +/- 55 milliseconds
for the first displayed sample.

You will see in my records a zero baseline till
you get to the first actual sample deviating
plus or minus. That zero baseline represents
the fractional time difference away from the
exact second mark. As close as I could
discreetly/logically be. The time for that
sample should read from WINQUAKE very close to
what i read from my own sources.

The ONLY way I know to do better requires a complete
rewrite of the recording program to align my calibration
mark with the very first record sample to exactly match the times.
And i am not yet ready to do that.

I have set within the winquake header file
all time offsets to be equal to zero.

I call it close enough for layman until further notice.


It took me a MOLE of versions to get this close to right.

Have a nice day,

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