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Subject: Integrating in WinQuake
From: RSparks rsparks@..........
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:50:35 -0800

Hello Larry,

    I will begin by saying thanks for making WinQuake available to all 
us amateur seismometer makers.  It is a great program that greatly 
enriches the hobby.

    For some reason, I got to thinking about the difference between 
acceleration and velocity detectors today, maybe prompted by your 
comment (a few days ago) about using WinQuake to double integrate the 
data to convert acceleration data to displacement data.  The problem is 
that WinQuake (so far as I can determine) does not allow double 
integration of the data.  Only one integration operation is allowed.

    Why does this matter?  Until today, I had concluded that my 
magnet-coil detection system was a velocity system that only needs one 
integration to convert to displacement.  But today I thought about what 
happens if my seismometer (a vertical) was placed on a rocket that 
boosted to a steady velocity.  My seismometer would only detect the 
acceleration, not the steady state velocity.  Hence, my detector must be 
an acceleration device.  Thus I have a logical reason to do the second 
integration of data. 

    I have tried to devise a work-around but apparently Winquake looks 
at the data operations recorded on the data file and locks out further 
integration if one has already been performed.

    Thanks in advance for any comments,



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