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Subject: Posting of events by email to events@ (unable to do so)
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 19:56:38 -0700

Hello Psn;

I was playing with security of the NTFS format on my disk
and after trying to REMOVE all security to make NTFS like
FAT 32 was totally unable to reboot my machine TO WINDOWS no matter
what. I could only access the Win Vista recovery console
via the install disc yet was unable to use any tools to fix
the NTFS security descriptors ( like ADMINISTRATORS = FULL ACCESS
or EVERYONE = FULL ACCESS or whatever is the owner of everything)
In the security properties. A couple of notes to you all from what I have

1. Right after you REINSTALL windows to whatever partition the OS resides
you will once again be able to reset everything. EVEN ON THOSE OTHER DISKS
Do not reformat everything
only the partition holding the reinstallation. OR, You WILL loose everything
that was in the original DISK.

2. AFTER you reinstall or originally install windows vista 64
   you can then add or change to increase permissions
   for ALL partitions and at this time make ADMINISTRATORS
   instead of TRUSTED INSTALLER the owner of
   everything on ALL the disks. Now you can install anything
   and do everything you wanted to do by removing NTFS
  security in the first place.

3. There is no way I know you can totally remove security
     to make WIN VISTA 64 NTFS appear as free as a FAT32
     formatted disk. WIN vista seems to have a new kind of (version)
     NTFS that only VISTA can deal with. You can make ALL
     partitions be primary ones. NEVER try to use Partition magic
     or other third party soft wares to modify a win vista partition.
     SPOTMAU 2008 was no good either for fixing this security thing.

4. Now to get to psn:
    Since reinstalling everything I can no longer post
    events to PSN event@ site, I get no responses
    like it is totally ignoring everything.
    No errors, my files simply disappear into
    that place in a IOWA corn field where the sun never shines.

5. I was lucky to have NORTON GHOST make a backup prior to this
    problem so not everything was lost only stuff after January of this year.

Anyone have a solution to item number 4 ?

Must I make all new accounts with PSN since restoring my system ?

Geoff at GVA   :-( 


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