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Subject: Programming Basic Compiler For Windows
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 18:25:55 -0700

I'm not trying to push anything on you guys at PSN
but if you want to do your own programming I understand
Power Basic people are now selling their older VERSION 8
Windows compiler for only $49.00 its what I'm using now
and I know of nothing better for that price.
I will not give you the exact email for the fear you
would call it spam but I like this power basic since its
like the old days when Microsoft gave you qbasic
with MSDOS.
Possibly you can get VBASIC for free from Microsoft
but not sure there. I think I downloaded a whole sweet of
compilers from them Vbasic/C++ yet since am already hooked on
powerbasic will not change. I hated C++ it is in between
assembly and BASIC and is more intolerant of mistakes.
C++ has a learning curve that is steeper to climb.
You will not be well rounded without all three
but who cares since we are only amatures here at PSN.
If you are interested in the details give me a direct address and I will
forward you a copy of the email they sent me.
Dont get me wrong here because PowerBasic can still
nickle/dime you to death with all their extras. But for a compiler
program I like their product quite well. I paid 4 times this much at least
for what I have today.


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