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Subject: Downloades from the ftp server I created for PSN folks
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 14:01:46 -0700

Hello PSN;

I would like to let you know that everything within the scratch folder
is OK for you to download.

I have been watching the last several hours the progress
of several downloads and come to the conclusion
there is some kind of interference with connections
that cross the USA border.

It may not be possible for Non-USA people to
download these files in a timely fashion.

But do not let you stop trying because like
always I could be wrong.

I will post just about everything related to
PSN or Seismology that I do here and it is not
intended for the general public but only
PSN peoples who I believe are truly
interested in seismology/geophysics/programming/instrumentation.

I will not be up 100% of the time.

Most likely Randomly between 24:00 and 12:00 UTC
when the net is least used here.
FTP SERVER IP:  ( NOT STATIC can change periodically by the ISP )
FTP       UID: PSN
FTP      PASS: PSN123
FTP     PORTS: 1024 to 65535 are open with passive ftp enabled.
FTP   CHANNEL: 20/21 I think are standard for FTP

It is for download only and not intended
to let people do P2P ( peer to peer ) stuff.

Don't laugh too hard since this how I have chosen to waste my life.

You guys are much more serious armatures than myself.

Be happy if you get better than 60KB/SEC downloads
because EUROPE was getting like 1K or less for reasons
not fully understood.
The limits are not my machine since everything
on the B drive is ramdisk ( very fast ).
The connection is A Gbit modem.
The limits has to be ISP or Backbone related.

Its all just to show you what I do here at GVA the best I can.

Not sure what official armature group [GVA] is a part of
to put into the PSN4 file header, possibly
someone can tell me in a personal email.
I will change the header from "123456" to reflect this.

A USGS expert person named Bruce Presgrave assigned me this designation.
But all I know is [GVA] and not any parent organization.


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