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Subject: Re: And Now A Simple Question
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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 18:35:09 -0700

All I can say is if you use the 91 table which i believe
was created from a program by the USGS the best times
I get seem to be if you choose the P91 and The S91
tables to be your P and S markers respectively
you get your best times. The 91 tables are good
for both regional and teleseismic i think
but you must change if you want to be more selective.
I have actual tables from them and seem to
get distances too far when i use their tables Pg to Sg
I have better luck with Pg to Lg times for some strange reason.
It a matter of watching and comparing to see whats best at your location.
Those tables are for real pros to use and not peoples like myself.
Im just lucky if my times actually match the theoretical times.
Maybe 5 seconds late I see sometimes with (often) distance differences
up to 20 miles from what they say.
Intellegence is not what you may think it is.
Things factor in other just test taking like how long and well
you can survive the ever changing times.
And in some circles intelligence is simply information riding
on the back of some kind of carrier wave. Maybe just morse code
or the very presence of absecense of whatever is artificially produced.
I often wondered about sending morse code through the ground
using atomic bombs lol :-) Bunga Bunga

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Subject: And Now A Simple Question

> After the recent "high level" discussions, I would like to present one at MY 
> intelligence level. (NO puns, please)
> Please tell me the significant differences in using the JB vs. the IASP91 
> tables?
> Given a chosen event, switching between tables will result in different 
> times, distances and etc.  How do I know WHICH to use in WinQuake.
> Thanks,
> Jerry 

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