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Subject: Re: DART (Data Available in Real Time)
From: sismos sismos@..............
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 01:49:20 +0000

Hi Barry,

Happy new year.  

I was not able to read the file with my virtual XP  machine, I tried to
open it with some Seisan tools, which open SEED and miniSEED files.

So I ran it against a SEED verifying program from IRIS call verseed and
this is what I get.  I tried it on two files.  Even though I am not 100%
sure, verseed should verify both SEED and miniSEED.  MinniSEED is just a
SEED file without the station parameter header known as the SEED
dataless header. Data is normally stored in miniSEED since you only need
the header once.

This is what I get:

angel@angel-desktop:~/Downloads/verseed$ ./verseed
<< IRIS SEED Verifier, Release 2.4.1f >>
	Taking input from ABJ.NC.EHZ..D.2009.328

Processing Volume 1    
Warning!! -- Blockette 8, Telemetry Volume Identifier Blockette, has a
	Only 71 bytes read, while 73 bytes should have been read

WARNING (process_volh):  unknown blockette type 8 found in record 1.
	Execution continuing.
WARNING - No Data Records found in Volume
verseed completed.


This might be some "custom" SEED file. It is not a normal file.




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