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Subject: Re: Caution on low pass filtering emphasis
From: RSparks rsparks@..........
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 05:59:40 -0800

Hello All,

Thanks for the many comments.

My seismometer is located in my "Wine Cellar" which is semi sealed.  I 
do get wind noise but not too badly.  Additional sealing would no doubt 
help reduce the very low frequency noise I am seeing.

The instrument has a clear plastic cover sitting on three legs to 
prevent any rocking.  No sealing here.

About a month ago, I clamped the seismometer to the basement concrete 
floor.  I thought it reduced the high frequency noise a little but have 
no obvious confirmation of improvement. 

My boom hinge is a spring, and the joints all seem tight. 

The daytime "fuzz" may be truck noise from the interstate two miles 
distant.  I will do a little more to try to correlate this noise with 
dates, sunrise times, and weather.

Thanks All,


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