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Subject: Re: WinSDR decimating
From: Brett Nordgren brett3nt@.............
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 2010 22:44:32 -0500

Thanks Bob and Larry,

That's what I needed to know.


At 06:54 PM 1/9/2010 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Brett,
>Bob is correct, WinSDR averages the input samples to produce the decimated 
>output samples.
>Larry Cochrane
>Robert McClure wrote:
>>Brett, I have asked Larry this question before. The data is
>>sample-averaged. Thus, if you reduce the sample rate by a factor of
>>10, then 10 samples are averaged to yield the output sample.
>>On 1/8/10, Brett Nordgren  wrote:
>>>I am generating event files to use for analyzing our noise and was
>>>wondering how WinSDR handles reducing the sample rate.  Suppose we're
>>>sampling at 200 SPS (Version III board) and we want to save an event file
>>>at 1 SPS.  How does WinSDR handle the decimation of the data to the lower
>>>sample rate.  Does it mathematically process the data in some way or just
>>>pass along every 200th point?
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