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Subject: Re: Sensor noise / Winquake fft

Barry Lotz wrote:
> Maybe all you folks were aware of it but it just came to my attention 
> now. Winquake has the nice feature that , after selecting an event 
> file, if you select a time window with the mouse and you run a 
> "window" FFT you will see the FFT for that time window. Now display 
> both windows on the same screen one below the other. Set the button to 
> display the event  phases. If you now use the horizontal scroll bar 
> you can start before the event and scroll thru the event noting how 
> the frequencies change as the phases arrive. I see this very useful in 
> selecting the filter to use in processing your data.
> Regards
> Barry
> -- 
Barry would you try putting this into different words. I tried to do it 
and couldn't get it to work.

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