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Subject: Re: Animals and Earthquakes
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 17:59:20 -0700

A comment from me on animals as sensing devices;
A comment from me on the overpopulation of this
abnormal, septic, spaceship planet called earth.

If animals other than humans have the ability
to sense things outside our normal range of senses
it simply makes common sense that that they possibly
will react to stimuli that outside the normal
range of human senses.

It is also possible for humans with damaged
senses to respond to to something outside
the normal human senses simply because
a damaged sensor may very possibly still be working
yet no longer is it sensing what it was originally
designed to sense. Someone may appear "CRAZY"
simply because they respond to stimuli not
sensed by the average OTHER person. But in such a case
I would imagine there is some kind of measurable
damage to their " the crazy one " otherwise normal senses.

The sense of hearing depends upon tiny
hair cells being stimulated at given frequencies.
If they are damaged ( broken to a different length )
possibly one may hear Brownian motion as a steady tone
which amplitude varies according to psycho-acoustic conditions.
Although the stimulus is constant it may be perceived
as louder or softer depending upon the state of mind.
But if its Brownian motion it will be continuous.

We are very limited in our ability to sense the
world around us so military and scientist
invent electronic and other sensing
devices to see the world like an average human can not.

This is the kind of work for radar and sonar and seismology
and warfare and science and entertainment.

Isn't it interesting that when it boils
down to science,the essence of a human
is simply electro-chemical in nature in which
a complicated scenario comes together to
to form a soul which can only exist in the past
and not in real time. Maybe tens of milliseconds in the

I have been reading the Israeli military uses bed bugs
on the border to sense infrared presence. The little devils
hop about excitedly when any warm animal is close
and this activity can be translated into a warning
making for a relatively cheap biological sensor.
( made by GOD instead of man )

Now we can get into the argument that is
something like this:
IF nature made man and man made whatever,
THEN nature made whatever.
Only that which is impossible is unnatural.
The unnatural can not happen except
within the combinations and permutations
of electro-chemical activities within
the framework of the human mind.

To get back to reality ???
It does not surprise me in the least
that animals are sensitive to things the human animal can
not normally perceive. But they will never
react before the fact, whatever they are
sensing is in the past and has already happened.
It is up to us to understand with our science
and imagination just what the hay is going on.
If there is more than three variables do not expect
such understanding to be easy.

I think animals will never be a very good
warning devices for earthquakes since they
( unlike us )will not react before the fact.
The best methods seem to be looking at the history
to see the future then build for the future.
You can only do so much then it becomes a
matter of wasting resources to chase a dream
that can never be realized.
How does one measure the stresses and strains
within the earth ? It is those forces that will tell
you when something is about to break.
But even then, not exactly when.
When something does break then, shout a warning
to let people get off their ladders
or balcony rails before the shaking starts.
Possibly seconds is all the warning you need to stay alive.


PS ( DO NOT OVERPOPULATE THE EARTH, or we shall all be suffering )
I have seen the sciences study this area too over 50 years ago.
There is not enough good land/resources to support the people who are already here
at any decent standard of living. The only decent way to address this one
is through the compliance of the human race to voluntarily reduce their own
fertility in order to maintain a decent status quo.
Otherwise you get something like the Nazi/Jew human inter-relations.
If humans were spread out thinly, there would be few regional disasters
taking any meaningful toll of human life.

Politicians are cowards if they do not address the problem of overpopulation
in a scientific/non-religious/objective way.
They will suffer the wrath of the stupid powerful idiot (public) upon whose shoulders
rides the smart dwarf (scientists).

They say it would take seven earths for all to enjoy the quality
of life in NORTH AMERICA alone. So must you
reduce the world population by 6/7, and, do so
without adding to human suffering.

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From: "Kay Wyatt" 
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 12:37 PM
Subject: Animals and Earthquakes

I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the CERT program (Community Emergency Response Team) which was developed in 1985 by the 
Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985 to train ordinary citizens to be first responders in a major disaster.  The program was 
later adopted by FEMA (1993) and the training materials are available online at

In their training manual they discuss various earthquake myths.  One of them perplexes me and I would love to hear from anyone who 
can explain this.  Below is the material in their training manual.  My questions is what are the "first low frequency waves of an 
earthquake" that come PRIOR to the primary and secondary waves?  Are they talking about EM or non seismic waves?

Their training guide.....

     Animals can sense earthquakes and give advance warning.

     Animals may be able to sense the first low-frequency waves of an earthquake that occur deep within the Earth, but the 
damage-causing primary and secondary waves follow just seconds behind.  Animals do not make good earthquake warning devices.


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